Venue 92: Can you mix Gold and Silver?

Mixing Gold and Silver metal tones at Venue 92 has always been a topic of conversation with brides. Gold has been a popular color for brides in 2016, while Venue 92 has silver details. This can sometimes be a little daunting for brides when first looking around the venue.

Brides… please do not worry, we have great news! We have found that mixing the metal tones looks beautiful at Venue 92, so you do not have to choose between your beautiful color scheme and what we have to offer. To your benefit, Venue 92 has recently added gold tented mirrors on our buffet wall. Also, by using our amber up-lighting, we can bring in a warm gold color to the room to compliment your metal of choice.

A recent Venue 92 bride chose gold, blush and greenery as her color scheme. This bride decided to use the amber up-lights, gold accents and gold mercury glass. This, mixed with the natural tones of the room, brought to life the beautiful warm colors she was hoping for. It was an amazing, beautiful and elegant wedding.

So keep in mind, if you are not sure your colors will match, make sure to look into Pinterest and keep an open mind! Things will turn out better than you could have ever imagined!

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