V92 featuring Stylish Stems!

Featuring Stylish Stems

Today we have a special guest for you, the very talented and super sweet Jacki from Stylish Stems. We have had the pleasure of working with this extremely clever and trendy floral design company for awhile now and we can’t speak enough kind words about their work! In honor or our floral theme this month we wanted to ask some basic get to know you kind of questions and some burning questions that brides might have during their planning process! Let’s get started, shall we!

Venue 92: Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your company? How did you get into floral design?

SS: Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! We just LOVE designing at Venue 92! Stylish Stems has been designing floral and wedding decor for over 12 years. Our owner started designing floral when she could not find a floral designer who could create unique designs within her limited budget. Using her lifelong love of flowers as inspiration and formal training, she designed all of the floral designs for her own big day. That is the day that Stylish Stems was born. I have similar story of my start in the wedding industry, with first designing for my own wedding and then, a few friend’s wedding’s. I joined Stylish Stems as a designer a little over six years ago and instantly fell in love with weddings, flowers and the wedding industry. Since then I’ve personally designed over 400 weddings. As a team we’ve grown to 5, full time, lead designers and dozens of assisting designers and support staff- it’s been an incredible journey!

V92: What is your favorite part of the wedding day/preparation/process?

SS: There are so many fun, exciting parts of the planning and design process! Meeting with the Bride for the first time, hearing her vision, and dreaming of all the ways to bring that vision to life is one of my favorites. Next to that, I would have to say the finished product, and seeing the look on a bride’s face when her dream wedding came together. There is such much joy surrounding that day, it’s always such a pleasure to be a part of making that happen!

V92: What is the most memorable moment on the job?

SS: There are so many! At weddings, you really see it all! I recently had a bride move her wedding date up due to her father having a terminal illness. Their dance was one of the most beautiful moments I had ever seen, and when we got the professional photos back, I’m not sure if it was the glare of the lighting or what, but in one of the photos of them dancing, there was a halo of light over him. It was one of the most beautifully captured moments I’d ever seen at a wedding or event.

V92: What’s the biggest lesson you could pass onto brides, both prospective and otherwise?

SS: In the planning process, I see brides getting pulled many ways. I always suggest determining what’s most important about your big day and putting your time, emotions and budget into the things that matter most to you! Higher good, professional vendors and let them handle the rest of the details!

V92: If you were designing your ideal of the most beautiful bouquet, what would it be?

SS: This changes weekly for me! Every bride is unique, so we design according to what she loves, whether that’s a colorful, modern, orchid bouquet or a monochromatic, southern-style garden rose bouquet. This week, I saw some absolutely georgous peonies coming out of Holland. I would take 50 of those tied in a ribbon all day long!

V92: If you couldn’t be a floral designer, what would you be?

SS: Flower are my first love, I also love creating beautiful spaces. I dabble a little in real estate just so I can pick out paint colors and finishes in older homes and transform a space. And of course, fresh flowers are a must in every room!

V92: Table centerpieces get so much attention at weddings, and they are stunning, but what are some other overlooked places for floral arrangements?

SS: I love a uniquely decorated element like a fountain, a fire place, or a staircase. They can make a huge statement piece that guests love to take photos infront of!

and last but not least…

V92: It’s on every brides mind…budget. Help us answer the age old question, “How can I get the most bang for my buck?”

SS: This is my sweet spot! Talk to us! There are so many ways to shave down on costs without taking much away from an overall look and feel. Let’s re-purpose ceremony decor and bouquets in different vases into the reception, use flowers that look expensive but aren’t, and talk through where the majority of the budget should go for the look you want to achieve. Again, with each style, there are a hundred ways to shave down on costs. Let’s talk through what options work best for you!

Well there you have it! Some of our most wanted questions answered! Thank you stylish stems, for your honest and helpful answers!

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