Accessorizing the Groom

While the bride often steals the show with a stunning gown and equally beautiful jewelry, we would be remiss in not mentioning the ways to accessorize the other party, the groom.
Tuxes and suits vary in color, texture and elegance. Charcoal is currently the No. 1 color for groom’s attire, and pops of color come from pocket squares, ties and bow ties.

While the color of the bride’s gown often dictates the metal she chooses in her jewelry, the groom can get away with almost anything. The selection these days for the groom’s wedding band is vast.

Before we head in that direction, lets chat a little bit about the other ways you can jazz up the groom’s attire. Most suit and tux rentals will come with cuff links in a standard color or metal but a personalized cuff link or tie clip would add a certain flair to the outfit and would make an excellent gift in the process!

Another priceless gift would be an engraved pocket watch or wristwatch. Use your initials, your wedding date or a line from a poem or song that has meaning to you. Get creative! This could be a gift that your husband treasures forever.

Now, bands!

A groom (and sometimes the bride herself) often spends quite a bit of time choosing a bridal set and quite a bit less thinking about the groom’s wedding band. However, the groom will be wearing this particular piece of jewelry forever and so it is important that he too love his band!

Metal, width, gemstones, and finish are just a few of the things there are to think about!

Your options for metal have grown since years past! Titanium, and tungsten steel are often favorites for a working class groom but that’s not to say those are his only options. Yellow gold is still in style, though white gold and platinum are still fan favorites. Gemstones are less and less prevalent. Another new trend that we find exciting is the use of non-traditional elements in men’s jewelry. Whiskey barrels, bone and antler, and semi-precious materials such as turquoise are popping up in custom ring platforms.

Another option for wedding bands is growing rapidly: silicon rings! They don’t conduct electricity and are perfect for a groom who works with his hands!

Whatever you choose, it is important that you love it and that it is comfortable. This is a symbol of your commitment to your new journey, marriage!

What type of ring do you have or wish for? Do you prefer a classic options or one of the newer trends in mends jewelry? Tell us below!

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