Finding Jewelry That Flatters Your Look!

While wedding gowns have certainly changed throughout the years, the rules for which jewelry will flatter each style has not!

Brides can be very intentional in the way they select and wear their bridal jewelry.

While pieces are sometimes keepsakes that have passed through the hands and laid on the necks and ears of blissful brides for years before them, sometimes a gown is selected and the jewelry follows.

There are certain rules that have long ago been established and while this article is written for brides, the rules certainly apply to anyone wearing a gown. Bridesmaids and mothers take note!

1. Check your Neckline

If you have purchased a gown with a strapless or sweetheart neckline then your options are nearly endless! You can easily don a statement necklace if you are feeling adventurous or pair the gown with a simple but lovely pendant for an understated look.

A dress with straps, sleeves, or a V-neck will look best with a simple pendant necklace. In this instance you can always choose a pair of statement earnings to glam up your bridal look!

Balancing your earrings and necklace is key! If you go big with one, let the other speak for itself with simple elegance!

2. Hairstyle

Going right along with different necklines is your hairstyle!

Up-do’s pair well with necklaces and bigger earring options while having your hair down might looks best with studs or simple necklaces!

Don’t stop there though! Have a bracelet or necklace that means a lot but doesn’t work with your neckline? Try and find a way to incorporate it into your hairdo! Get creative!

3. Color Counts

Metals pair differently with different colors and contrary to popular belief, white isn’t just white! There are hundreds of shades of white and each designer and gown may be different. From stark white, to ecru and the pastel options beyond, different metals will complement different shades!

A warmer gown (blush or cream for example) will benefit from gold tones.

A cooler gown (stark white) will look incredible with silvers, platinum and pearl tones!

4. Your Jewelry Can Be the Cherry on Top

If statement pieces aren’t your thing, and there is no jewelry speaking to you or if you gown itself is beaded beyond belief then adding jewelry to your hair might be the way to go!

Combs, pearls and veils all have stunning jewelry added for flair that won’t soon be forgotten!

5. Remember, Less is More

Your gown, your shoes, your bouquet and yes, even your jewelry are meant to complement you! You are the bride, the center of the show (with your new husband of course)! Let your jewelry take a supporting role in your bridal look! Make sure it highlights the best features of both you and your gown!

No matter which jewelry you choose for your big day remember to stay true to your own unique style! Find something that highlights your personality! You should be comfortable and stunning on your wedding day, and we know that you will!

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